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Team Coaching

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Team Coaching Is                   For Today's Business Growth


each member of the team


a culture of ownership


the team's overall performance

Executive Leadership Coaching isn't always about the individual.  Just like in sports, teams thrive under the guidance of a coach who can align individual desires to achieve the organization's goal.  Some of the greatest teams in history reached the top because of the way they worked together under the leadership of their coach.

Undrperforming Teams

Underperforming teams hurt an organization by:

1. Loss of valuable staff

2. Wide-spread decline in motivation

3. Poor customer satisfaction

4. Decrease in productivity/revenue

5. Low employee engagement scores

Team Coaching |

Built on Teamwork

Teams are made up of individuals brought together for a common purpose that one person alone cannot accomplish.  The challenge with leading a team is individuals come into the group with their own priorities, interests, and communication styles. 


And when their objectives are out of alignment with their peers and the larger organization, they often focus instead on their own personal interests.

Each week, we will explore a key leadership topic.  We will begin with the benefits of the topic and discuss "why is this important right now?". Our time will be spent analyzing various scenarios, reflecting, and outlining next steps.

Executive Leadership Coach |

I help teams navigate their unique complexities so they can come together and function as one

My Approach to Team Coaching

Team Coaching Topcis 

1. Mindset - 

Impacting what the mind believes to produce results

2. Emotional Intelligence -

Deciding to follow a leader or not

3. Confidence -

Providing the fuel to lead and succeed

4. Communication -

Shaping results through people

5. Conflict Management - 

Managing conflict without it becoming a distraction

6. Decision Making -

Using objective data to make profitable decisions

7. Strategic Thinking -

Planning for the future

8. Inspiring Others - 

Inspiring behaviors that helps people reach their goals

Your team may benefit from coaching if there is:

  • Blending of two of more teams

  • Low employee engagement

  • Conflicts impacting productivity

  • Recent shift in team culture

  • New manager recently took over

  • Major organizational changes, such as a merger

  • Struggle to overcome a challange

  • Leadership or knowledge gaps

Team Coaching |

Eliminate Underperforming Teams

It's easy to get started with me:

Step 1 – Review

I begin with a complimentary consultation to review the challenges they're facing


Step 2 – Assess

Next, I perform an assessment to determine the path forward to achieving success


Step 3 – Implement

Coaching and leadership development meetings begin

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