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The Difference In Me Makes
The Difference For Your Team

Group Coaching with Joanna Pera

It happens all too often; the superstar salesperson is promoted into a sales leadership role and is suddenly expected to steer their team to success with little to no training in sales leadership. This newly promoted, once highly successful salesperson is now overwhelmed and under intense pressure to deliver winning results. 

The problem is they don’t have a structured approach to succeed at the next level and lack the strategic clarity to lead their team.

Joanna Pera Executive Leadership Coach

Hi! I'm Joanna Pera

I’ve spent more than 25 years in sales leadership & coaching roles helping executives with their strategic vision and developing engaged employees that grow revenue.

My unique approach to coaching integrates the principles of




allowing me to influence behavior and shape sales leaders into confident and strategic visionaries.

With the courage to be honest and direct, my approach is authentic and solution-focused. I like to meet clients where they are while remaining personable and relatable.

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I Offer my Clients:

A little more about me

I’ve held senior leadership roles for large healthcare organizations and have a passion for sales, sales effectiveness, and growing leaders.


While dedicated to developing others, I’m also committed to continually improving myself through ongoing professional education and self-development.

As an active Atlanta resident, I enjoy volunteering, networking, yoga, painting, gardening, and hiking with my dogs. All of which add to my ability to connect and stay well-rounded.

Business Development

Executive Coaching

Leadership Development

Joanna Pera loves reading

Employee Engagement

Individual coaching
"Our department was experiencing various issues, including staff burnout from the pandemic, high turnover, and low morale.We hired Joanna to support and guide our leaders as they focused on addressing these issues. Since working with Joanna, my leaders have more confidence and new ideas and can successfully have difficult conversations with colleagues, resulting in positive outcomes. In addition, the morale of each leader's department has improved considerably."

R. Joy, Chief Nursing Officer, Hospital

I believe that executive coaching should benefit both the executive and the company.

I collaborate with my clients to deliver real results. After working together, they experience

  • Greater effectiveness and productivity

  • Increased awareness and perspective

  • Improved listening and communication skills

  • Stronger relationships

  • Greater confidence

  • And, more effective leadership

I use emotional intelligence as the platform for all my work because I’ve seen how it positively impacts organizational objectives and it is the strongest predictor of performance. In fact, EQ explains 58% of success in all types of jobs. I’m certified as a Leadership Development Coach and a certified Social and Emotional Intelligence Coach. 

“IQ gets you hired. EQ gets you promoted”

-Marty Jordan

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