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When Your Leaders Thrive
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Executive Leadership Coaching | Senior Leaders

The elite athletes of our time. 

They all have a coach who helped them get there. And just as professional athletes thrive from the guidance of a coach so do 

top corporate leaders.


People who receive coaching report increased self-confidence

Increased self-confidence

According to the International Coaching Federation (ICF):


Improved work performance

 People report improved work performance, relationships, and more effective communication skills


Recouped investment

Companies report that they recouped their investment on coaching

When we face a professional or personal challenge, most of us struggle through it but lack the resources to make any real change. Because change is hard and change takes practice. 

As an Executive Leadership Coach, I support the strategic direction leaders are working towards that will ultimately take them to the next level. I help brilliant people who are ready to change by partnering with them on a plan and holding them accountable through consistent coaching.

Tom Brady | Serena Williams | Tiger Woods

Executive Leadership Coaching | Individual Coaching
Executive Coaching |

The Next Level

My clients are high-performing individuals ready to take their careers to the next level. 

They just need someone to help get them there.

I help business leaders deliver:

1. Better results

2. Lower turnover

3. Profitable growth

4. Improved employee engagement

5. Path to career advancement

“I was having problems navigating crucial conversations with staff, physicians, and hospital administrators and finding ways to cope with stress. Joanna has been instrumental in my growth as a leader and has helped me develop skills and strategies to lead my teams to the next level.She has also taught me how to implement effective communication strategies that achieve results. Now, when navigating a difficult situation, I pause, draw on techniques Joanna taught me, and often think, what would Joanna say about this? Additionally, my stress levels have decreased, and I have a neutral party to confide in and share vulnerable weaknesses with so I can identify and overcome them.”

Jessica D., Clinical Director, Hospital
Joanna Pera |

My Process for Individual Coaching

Clients bring discussion content

Executive Leadership Coaching

During coaching sessions, the client brings the content of what we discuss. Perhaps a current scenario, opportunity, or challenge that requires fine-tuned leadership skills.


Each coaching session provides a platform to dissect a situation, gain clarity and awareness, and identify options to move forward. Together we transform the strong leader into the superb leader. Focusing on strengths is my way to stimulate personal and group excellence.

Examples of Individual Coaching Topics

  • Situational leadership/management

  • Vision

  • Strategy

  • Decision making

  • Conflict management

  • Goal setting

  • Self-limiting beliefs

  • Obstacles

  • Self-awareness

  • Executive presence

  • Building a personal brand

  • Influencing others

  • Accountability

  • Creating a team culture

  • Communication

Are You Ready to Help Your Leaders Succeed?

It's easy to get started with me:

Step 1 – Review

I begin with a complimentary consultation to review the challenges they're facing


Step 2 – Assess

Next, I perform an assessment to determine the path forward to achieving success


Step 3 – Implement

Coaching and leadership development meetings begin

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