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Joanna Pera with Powered by Pera Consulting

Close The Gap Between Where Your Business Is
And Where You Want It To Be

Executive Leadership Coach | Professional Growth Strategist

Teams often underperform because of ineffective leaders who lack a clear strategy. Low morale and high turnover hurt a team's productivity, resulting in lower profits. 

 Strategic Leadership. 

The difference between where your business is and where you want it to be is  

Executive coaching is crucial to create high-performing executives that are strategic and inspire teams to succeed.

Finding strong team members is harder than ever, so you need to do everything you can to recruit and retain

This begins by ensuring your executives create a positive culture because high employee satisfaction results in staff retention and increased profits.  

Top Talent. 

Joanna Pera | Executive Leadership Coach
Team coaching with Powered by Pera

One of the best sales leaders I've had the privilege to work with.

"I've worked with Joanna for years, first being coached and then hiring her to coach my team. She is one of the best sales leaders I've had the privilege to work for and was instrumental in my success through consistent coaching and professional  development.


As a senior leader, I've hired Joanna to help my new leaders who need additional coaching and development. Since hiring her, my team has higher employee engagement resulting in lower turnover, which has contributed to an improved culture and departmental performance. Additionally, she has offered effective techniques for engaging and having difficult conversations due to her psychological approach to coaching and development."

Louis K., Regional VP of Business Development, Healthcare

Closing the Gap

With An Executive Leadership Coach

1. Ensure the team is meeting sales goals and increasing profits.

2. Reduce employee turnover & loss of valuable team members.

3. Gain clarity in the team's strategic vision that alligns with the organization.

I'm Joanna

I provide highly-motivated sales leaders the strategic roadmap they need to lead profitable teams

Joanna Pera, Executive Leardership Coach
  • Training for a successful transition into a new sales leadership role
  • Gaining clarity in their strategic vision
  • Self-awareness for existing leaders with low employee engagement
  • Time management skills for leaders struggling to keep up
  • Identifying growth opportunities to ensure faster advancement
  • Developing EQ skills that increase sales team
      productivity and staff retention

With more than 25 years of experience and an integrated coaching style, I help talented executives become the success they know they can be.

"Joanna has an incredible ability to draw you in to see things from a different perspective and help you better understand human behavior and the impact we have on how we choose to deal with difficult people or situations."

“If you want to take your leaders and team to the next level, you need a coach in your corner”

Joanna Pera

My Areas of Expertise Include:

Eliminate Underperformance

It's easy to get started with me:


Step 1 – Review

I begin with a complimentary consultation to review your team and the challenges they're facing


Step 2 – Assess

Next, I perform an assessment to determine the path forward to achieving success


Step 3 – Implement

Coaching and leadership development meetings begin

Joanna Pera, Consulting Services

"I struggled with burnout and navigating some extremely challenging work situations. Joanna provided clarity and insight on handling my stress and burnout, giving me more energy and space to tackle workplace challenges. Her thoughtful guidance on workplace struggles helped me see the challenges differently to avoid repeating previous thought patterns and frustrations.


She made a huge difference in how I tackled the problems as a

leader and provided incredible support. She challenged mepositively and encouragingly, motivating me to keep putting in the work. I highly recommend Joanna's coaching and consulting services."

N. Brown, Director, Employee Experience, Hospital System

The Difference In Me

Makes the difference in you.

I spent more than 25 years in sales leadership & coaching roles and experienced the same frustration so many other executives struggle with.

But when I combined my years of professional experience with my background in psychology, I realized the key to success was understanding what makes people different and the impact this can have on a team.


This integrated approach allows me to be empathetic yet direct, resulting in consistent progress. 


I'm a certified Social and Emotional Intelligence coach focusing on sales leadership development. Additionally, I'm a Member of the International Coaching Federation.

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