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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is a consultant?

A consultant is a professional who provides expert advice in a particular area. My area of expertise is in the following areas; sales, marketing, client engagement, strategy, team building, coaching and leadership development. For a more complete list of services, please refer to the services page.

How do we get started?

Schedule a complimentary phone consultation so we can discuss your needs and my services. From there we sign a contract with agreed-upon terms, timeline, and deliverables.

Do you provide presentations and training? 

Yes, I can design training that is aligned with your goals.

Can you design training?

Yes, if I don’t have one that fits your needs, I’ll design one tailored to meet your individual situation.

How do you price your services?

Motivational speaking engagements, business consulting, and executive coaching have different pricing structures that can be discussed in the consultations.

What kind of coaching do you offer?

I am certified as a leadership and development coach and a certified social and emotional intelligence coach.  I am happy to offer coaching services to individuals and company employees who want to improve their emotional intelligence and behavior to advance in their careers.

Do you administer assessments?

Yes, I offer and interpret assessments for individuals, teams, and 360. The assessments can be administered without a consulting agreement. Assessment along with consulting is recommended to achieve optimal benefit. 

How long does an executive coaching arrangement last?

The coaching arrangement lasts for six months. This duration ensures results. 

What if I need business consulting outside your area of expertise?

I have a network of highly skilled consultants that I partner with on a case by case basis. 

Why choose Powered by Pera Consulting?

Aside from my 25 years of experience, I have the courage, to be honest, and direct. I will provide tailored development that is guaranteed to yield results

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